Gunbreaker Lore

  • The introduction in the Gunbreaker will likely see one from the game’s recurring characters, Thancred, take up the newest job. He can certain you're seen sporting the revolutionary weapon as well as a white version of the position’s Relic Gear within the Shadowbringers extended teaser trailer, suggesting he helps to Buy FFXIV Gil make the choice to switch as part in the Main Scenario prior on the release on the expansion.
    It’s likely that Thancred learns ways to use the weapon through Gaius van Baelsar, aka the Shadowhunter, after his surprise return in Final Fantasy 14 Gil Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight. When Gaius first appears in The Burn he can be observed with a gunblade holstered on his back. It could be that either of such two characters plays a part from the Gunbreaker job quests or even an as yet unknown individual that is prepared to train players how to change the weapon.