Overall, it's an enjoyable instance that no less than does help

  • Overall, it's an enjoyable instance that no less than does help enliven the existing Expert rotation. Considering it's going to become the same one for one more six months most likely, it really is a nice change. (Although there's always an opportunity of another dungeon with all the next half in the patch... don't feel that expectations defintely won't be subverted now.)Oh, that expunging light...This last bit with the Ivalice series is actually leaning on that?Final Fantasy Tactics fanservice hard, it's really? Sure, the tale around it plays a good deal with?Final Fantasy XII characters and concepts, even FFXIV Gil so the actual raid itself basically immerses itself wholly in characters, themes, and storytelling from?FFT. And it's... generally better-tuned than its predecessors!
    The first boss incorporates a unique trick that does actually seem a bit counterintuitive, but it is possible to actually see in which the mechanics and concepts?end right from the primary shot fired. Meanwhile, the next boss is really a bit harder without getting overwhelmingly so, and also the third boss is often a more traditional gatekeeping challenge; she has a pile of mechanics, but the majority of them are fairly very easy to understand as sort of an new spin for the overall Ozma fight concept. And the past boss actually saves the phase transition elements!None of this really is to say it was? easy doing that one blind; it took an hour along with a half without the need of foreknowledge from Buy FFXIV Gil the raid. But it never felt like things were stonewalled or everyone was just constantly dying to fully obscure mechanics. The one big failing it has can be a lack of a typical real breather periods; the 2 main trash pulls tend to be fairly mechanics-intensive, as well as two most intense bosses tend to be more or less back-to-back assaults. But it feels less overtuned than Rabanastre or Ridorana felt at their launch, so I'll count that being a win.