The experience of a Final Fantasy XIV fan festival

  • The experience of a Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is a distinct one, a strange beast that sort of creeps into your existence even if you're not actually there in person. I was not in Paris this weekend, but I still woke up insanely early on Saturday to cover the keynote as it happened, and I spent most of the next two days poring over even the slight details that really don't directly hinge on anything. Honestly, most of what I personally needed to know was on Saturday, but you still couldn't ignore the flurry of information, speculation, and so forth.Play FF14 Gil If you were keeping track of my predictions, well... I did pretty well. The stuff I expected us to get we got for the most part, with one notable exception, and the stuff I didn't expect didn't happen... mostly. So let's start going over the big reveals that struck me in as non-boring a fashion as I can manage, yes? There's stuff to chew on.Breaking all the gunsSo we have our first of what is almost certainly two new jobs (the end of the keynote specifically included the question of "what's the other new job," which isn't proof but definitely pushes that way), and to the surprise of almost no one, it's a tank. To the surprise of some, it's also a gunblade job. This is something that I personally had suspected against before the first fan festival, but it turns out that that suspicion of mine was wrong. It's time to gunblade it up.
    And, let's be real – to a certain extent, this makes more sense. The fact is that if I have to pick what's more iconic between something with a gunblade and something with a hammer, the former is going to win as being more distinctly Final Fantasy. For that matter, while Yoshida has mentioned wanting to do something unique to FFXIV as a new job, it makes sense to finish out the big Final Fantasy XIV Gil obvious ports of call before branching too far outside of that.Of particular and relevant note in the reveal is the fact that the Gunbreaker is specifically not using the traditional Garlean style of gunblade. That's worth noting and acknowledging simply because it does more than just excuse when traditional abilities like Innocence (a common buster skill for gunblade-wielding enemies) don't show up; it also kind of underscores the idea that we are not just grabbing gunblades because we're heading along to Garlemald. There's space for this to be a new thing all on its own.