On when Yoshida will almost certainly run for public office

  • “I don’t need to!”
    On deciding if they should lock FFXIV content behind weekly gates
    “If we have now everything available freely accessible, then individuals will play through everything as quickly because they can and in addition they will be used up of things to complete,” Yoshida said. “But in the same time if we now have content that is certainly available to attempt for your first time only using a weekly basis, then you've that desire, ‘But I want to complete more,’ and FF14 Gil that’s stressful at the same time. Trying to satisfy both those desires in the same time doesn't seem possible.”
    If the developers were to allow website visitors to grind raids without weekly limitations, Yoshida said, then your skill level disparity between hardcore and casual players would become “ridiculously wide.”
    “Those casual players, which we have plenty of, they’d start looking on the top players and think to themselves, ‘There’s no chance I can wake up there, no chance I can get up to date’ and in addition they might give up on the sport,” he explained. “That’s something we desire to avoid. We don’t wish to have people dropping out or thinking there’s no way they're able to catch up, or else just as one MMO, that’d make our community wither and die. The limitations perform set on certain content, it’s definitely not to just extend the life on the content itself... We view the frustrations and stress many different communities, along with the frequency which players play these different content. We’re attempting to share the load of this stress, ensure we’re not skewing towards one party.”
    On whether new Final Fantasy XIV Gil players might feel overwhelmed from the amount of story
    “Actually we feel how the expansion packs serve the purpose of getting new players,” Yoshida said. “Every time we release an expansion, we enter into it with all the mindset we want to make content that will be worth one totally new RPG title. Of course there could be recurring characters that you may possibly not be familiar with in the event you’re just jumping in at one in the expansions, but it truly is a new experience of and of itself. So even when you skip over the last expansion and jump in to the new one, it’s still enjoyable.”