My opinions of Path of exile.

  • Going to Fallout Shelter, you might realize that it’s a sport you can also use on your TV. Not only can you play it around the PS4 and Xbox One, nevertheless, you can Buy POE Orbs within the Windows store and listen to it on your desktop computer also.

    Had this approach been a portion of Diablo: Immortal’s announcement, it'd have blunted the shock many felt. Sure, it’d nevertheless be POE Items, but at least it could have had a console and/or PC version that curious older fans could’ve indulged in many easily.

    It would've given them options. It would've made them feel at ease. But no, it’s either participate in it on your phone (Or invest in a tablet), or don’t get involved in it at all.

    The worst part of most of this though is when Blizzard is handling the controversy. First, they re-upload the announcement trailer three separate times to avoid every one of the downvoting. Then they staged something and answer session with IGN and completely flub it by avoiding those questions entirely.

    While it’s embarrassing to discover Wyatt Cheng completely side step the “Is vid re-skin of other Net-Ease games” question, it’s a whole lot worse to hear him say we must accept mobile games because “We all love games”.

    Yes, of course you like games, but sometimes you reveal why farmville doesn’t have a very console version? Why have you tell us to learn it with a tablet, however the Switch has already been a tablet? You successfully ported Diablo III to any or all consoles, such as the Switch, so just why couldn’t Immortal experience consoles at the same time?

    Why limit this to mobile platforms once the majority of one's game’s fans don't enjoy playing games on their own phone? This would be the one thing, most importantly of all, that I can not understand.

    So because the Diablo forums play host to long threads of “Press F to cover respects” because of their dead franchise, and also the hashtag #NoKingRulesForeverMySon trends on twitter (The comment Blizzard erased on the top of the video comments many times), understand that while game journalists are calling you entitled if you are angry only at that, Electronic Arts is celebrating because now their Battlefield ruin is will no longer the most embarrassing industry event in recent memory.