Dimension on the Damned is simple, Jagex increase difficulty

  • Dimension in the Damned game starts, some players feedback the exact same thing easy, Jagex intentions to increase its difficulty by having various of mechanics. and exactly how will Jagex about to improvements?A few hours following the start from the game, RuneScape team can get feedback from your players. There are most from the players declared the mode is repeated and boring, continues to be constantly killing zombies, no funny. After that Jagex responded which includes plans to improve Dimension from the Damned inside future and intentions to increase the technical difficulty.         

    In addition, there is often a question of fairness for changes within the game. They responded that if the alterations affect the fundamentals from the system to your points where players are receiving increasing/decreasing scores in the sessions, they are going to look to reset the high scores. simply because also don’t want the gamers to play the experience mode for 10 days.   From now on on the 23rd at 23:59 is game time. In Mysteria, the 6 below promotions are going to be active for 4 hours, and swapping out on the next promotion, the promotions changes every day. You must recognizes that.         
    1. Smouldering Lamps         
    2. Lava Lanterns         
    3. Meteor Storm         
    4. Celebration Lamps         
    5. Hydra Lamps         
    6. Supernova         
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