GamingSF: Catch-up mechanisms

  • “I imagine it really is usually a genuine problem for MMORPG devs that players may try inside future back thus hitting this type of wall of missed progression they will simply quit and vanish again; I know I have through the past a couple of times in different games. So having MapleStory 2 Mesos one these new catch-up mechanism in Neverwinter is rather welcome indeed.”
    MMO Bro: Exploration could be the ultimate MMO design challenge
    “At the end about the day, precisely what the explorer seeks is totally new experiences. But that’s harder to perform than you’d think. Once you’ve seen a dungeon, or done a quest, or taken screenshots from atop a superb looking vista, it’s not new Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos anymore. Then it’s time for doing this to move on and locate something more important wondrous to master. For this reason, a hobby that wants to provide satisfying exploration should use lots of content. There must be something new in the horizon.”