After selecting certainly one of eight combat classes

  • After selecting certainly one of eight combat classes — I went using the Heavy Gunner because how would you not? — I found the type creation screen provides for a good deal of time for it to build your adorable little anime figure any way you want. I thought it would be a bonus MapleStory 2 Mesos so that you can select and equip a cosmetic outfit right in the start.
    As with numerous action MMOs through the east, MapleStory 2 clings to your keyboard-only control scheme (we have a mouse-and-keyboard option, however it’s more click-to-move). I suppose it’s something one can get familiar with, but using my right hand for movement for the directional keys and my left hand for skills only screwed up my finger memory something fierce. I didn’t in this way control scheme in Closers, and I sure as heck don’t as if it here.
    The concern is compounded by the belief that Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos is spelled out on an isometric grid, which means quite often, I’m the need to jam on two direction arrows to advance. Again, this isn’t something which can’t be learned or overcome, but to me it absolutely was awkward and cumbersome within my entire play experience.