Riders of Icarus’ Ranger’s Fury

  • The Ranger’s Fury update, offering, brings a helpful recent content for Riders at Level 40, introducing them for a Cloying Wastes – a large desert you might say for discover, dangers to have rid of and plenty of different all-new mounts and familiars to tame. Other MapleStory 2 Mesos key popular features of Ranger’s Fury include:
                New Ranger class – The Ranger can deal heavy difficulties for foes up-close as well as a lot away employing their bow, vambraces or their capacity for Chaos. Rangers can further give attention to weapon skills who supply increased damage, enhanced abilities and drastically different playstyles.
                Increased level cap – The level cap is continuing to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos grow to 50, allowing players an possible ways to further grow their strength contrary on the increasingly dangerous enemies, monsters and factions inside Cloying Wastes.