Coming to Mobile Platforms Everywhere

  • Today, Jagex made good using a promise to adopt Runescape to mobile. Well, almost - working demos of both Runescape and Old-school Runescape were available to try at Runefest ‘17, by both press and players alike. It’s rapid progress, moving from announcement to RS Gold playable prototype in an exceedingly few short months.
    Not only did we be capable to go hands-up with both versions for the game (video not far off), but we also interviewed some inside team bringing the veteran MMO to get a tablet and smartphone. Jamie Brooks is Producer concerning the mobile effort, partnering up with Matt Casey as Senior Product Manager for Runescape.Current plans can be to launch the Old-school Buy RS Gold version later this winter, with Runescape proper following it early on the new year. And yes, both Android and iOS versions are planned, though former is further ahead in development.