Lost City from the Elves Opens its Doors

  • The latest mega update to Jagex's Runescape is here now, finally allowing players to step into your Lost City in the Elves. Read on for your full news release.
        Prifddinas, the high-level content capital of RS Mobile Gold -- Jagex's flagship MMO -- has finally opened its doors to players.
        The crystalline metropolis would be the epic conclusion of your quest chain that players first learned about ten years ago, and culminates with entry to a host of exciting new areas to educate yourself regarding, each set with fresh features for experienced characters to become liked by them. Four clan-controlled districts will probably be available from the beginning, and within these players will immediately be capable of tackle an array of unique quests, puzzles and battles.
        Clan Iorwerth, for instance, presents RuneScape Mobile Gold task of slaying 10 bosses sequentially. With each victory; however, comes hardship, because the defeated enemy drops a dark crystal that then debuffs a gamer in preparation to the next fight from the series. Less perilous tasks is usually found in Clan Trahaearn's zone in which the introduction of Seren Stones allows characters to figure up their mining and smithing skills.