RuneScape behind-the-scenes video reveals boss character develo

  • When you face an immense foe in your selected game, would you wonder what went into which makes it? RuneScape has overhauled one whether earliest bosses and brought fans along to get a look on the creative process in a whole new behind-the-scenes video.
    The revamp in the Giant Mole Boss RuneScape Gold showcases the steps from conceptualization to animation to audio to discharge. The finished product with the team's efforts is really a nastier looking Giant Mole with modern boss mechanics, two difficulty modes, with an instanced lair for both solo and group runs. And what boss overhaul could well be complete without new loot? Once players defeat this boss, they have got the possiblity to acquire new rewards -- a mole that improves Buy RuneScape Gold anti-dragon shields and numbing roots that remove DoTs -- on top from the original items. Follow along with all the revamp from the clip below.