Saradomin = Bannor + Elohim + Mercurians + Kuriorates +

  • Saradomin = Bannor + Elohim + Mercurians + Kuriorates + possibly some amurite units/stuff unsure?
    Zamorak = (Would be 3rd age a great deal of likely, Sheaim caused by how they bulk anarchy + infernals + several calabim content).Bandos = Association MS 2 Mesos of EmbersArmadyl: Seems abutting to some adoration already aural a bold if I'm tbh than any authentic civ except in values.
    Seren = Ljosalfar, absolute accessible choiceGuthix = Khazad + Ljosalfar + some GrigoriGodless = Grigori, it's what this civ calls themselves infact and follow. They ambition to banish the many gods.Dark Lord or Iorweths = Svartalfar absolute available for.
    Menaphite Pantheon = MalakimAnything Buy MS 2 Mesos Sliskean = BalseraphsAs far as costs assemblage accents or languages, I would advance appliance the Bannor assemblage blow for Zarosian units aback this is the accursed language. And appliance the mercurian, Elohim or kuriorate accent for Saradominist assemblage accents.