What exactly are they?

  • What exactly are they? There is of Cheap Dofus Kamas course the official forum, particularly the part"Animations in Dofus game", where are printed the announcements and reports of the cartoons, whether they're realized by Sadeurs or Experts of Dofus. There is also the section"Billboard", in which the different clans Dofus players frequently post the images of their events. Outside of the official forum, Dofus game Pros and RP Guilds usually use a Twitter account to split their animations' statements. The best way to not miss any animation is to be on the Discord server"R?listes Douziens", in which the statements of events are often relayed.

    An animation has two chief differences compared to a RP session: there are many more participants, including Dofus players with the role play, and also the sequence of events is prepared in advance by the organizers. It's the same thing! Do not forget to play Dofus by acting as if your character would do in such a situation, and to explain his actions? How will he respond if his interventions have been drowned by the flood of words in the crowd? You will be dealing with many people. Do not forget the plot's characters and find some friends, it will avoid you too much scatter.

    When the animation is finished, don't hesitate to express your feelings by writing comments in Dofus game or after the report, when it'll be published. Your comments will help the organizers enhance their events! What did you enjoy? Was the plot clear and interesting? Did the actors play their role and attempt to receive the Dofus players involved? Were the assignments of the several stages diversified?

    What did you dislike? Was characters, the quests, the length, or it the theme? What would you have to review? The type of the acting storyline, or the interaction with all the Dofus players? In conclusion, to be aware of the occasions, it's sufficient to inform about the forum in addition to on the Discord and Twitter. During an animation, the main issue is to perform its role by imitating a bunch of Buy Dofus Kamas echo participants as well as the celebrities of the frame and to socialize with participants and both the organizers. You are able to share constructive remarks in Dofus or about the forum, to indicate both the positive and negative points of the event.